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PitchBook Cares Mission

We treat our customers like royalty at PitchBook, and we believe our communities deserve the same. That is why we volunteer our time, expertise and financial resources to help build a future for the communities where we live and work. PitchBook Cares provides opportunities for our employees to make a difference by aligning to three key pillars. 

Our Three Key Pillars



We leverage our industry knowledge and diverse employee expertise to provide professional development and mentorship opportunities to individuals in our communities.


We embrace diversity by advocating for historically under-served groups, reducing inequalities, and celebrating aspects that make our employees and community unique.


We rally around the cities where we work and lend a hand in times of global crisis – whether it is recovering from a natural disaster, addressing a critical global need, or advocating for climate action.

Global Volunteer Week

Global Volunteer Week is an annual tradition that empowers employees to engage with our communities through volunteerism and service projects. Throughout this week, we partner with local nonprofits to provide a wide range of volunteer opportunities, allowing employees to contribute their time and skills to causes they are passionate about. It is a chance to collborate, bond and forge new relationships with colleagues while making a difference together.

Our commitment to making a meaningful impact is matched only by the enthusiasm of our incredible employees. Last year, 67% of our global workforce actively participated in over 60 different volunteer projects, collectively creating a profound and lasting impact on the communities where we live and work.

Volunteer  Benefits

Matching Gifts Program

Employees are eligible to recieve additional company match when donating to nonprofits each calendar year.

Board Service Program

We provide ongoing training, networking and financial support to aspiring and current board members.

Volunteer Time Off

Employees are eligible for two annual paid days of volunteer time-off to support personal nonprofit interests. 

Changemaker Grant

Employees can apply for a grant to support personal community engagement  projects. 

Dollars for Doers

We recognize volunteer efforts by making donations to match the hours you spend working with nonprofits. 

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